Our platform is designed for
a “Cashless Generation”

Who we are

Lotto Payment Association (LPA) d/b/a: BuyLottoNow is a Fintech company with a proprietary cashless payment platform designed for the $85 billion state lottery industry utilizing the business methods of 9 issued U.S. Patents.

LPA’s management team of  electronic payment professionals has worked together for 15 years and has a deep understanding of how to acquire and retain enrolled users, provide incremental sales lift and ensure best-in-class data security.

In 2004, we started a Fintech company in the petroleum / convenience store industry based on these patents that currently conducts 60 million transactions a year with over 3 million enrolled users.

Joe Randazza


Joe Randazza has been granted 9 U.S. patents in ACH electronic payment methods. His prior company, National Payment Card Association, now branded Zipine.biz, credited a private label debit card system for the convenience store / gas station industry that bypassed the traditional credit card and debit card networks. At the time of his exit, National Payment Card had millions of enrolled consumers purchasing over $2 billion in gas at thousands of locations nationally. During his 11-year tenure as CEO, the platform was a 24 hours / 7 days a week mission critical system without a single point of failure or breach of consumer data. Mr. Randazza has been an inventor and serial entrepreneur for the last 35 years. His interest in the lottery goes back to 1989 when he was Chief Compliance Officer for Fonawin. Fonawin was a vendor to New York Telephone for their pay for call services such as Lottery, OTB and Weather results with over 100 millions paid calls annually. Prior to starting Lotto Payment Association, Mr. Randazza was an angel investor and a partner in a venture capital firm.

Alex Havenick

Chief Regulatory Officer

Alex Havenick is an attorney as well as a gambling and software entrepreneur. Mr. Havernick is currently the Executive Vice President of Southwest Florida Enterprises, a privately-held company based in Miami, Florida, where he heads operations for Magic City Casino.

Ted Zuccarelli

Chief Technology Officer

Ted Zuccarelli has over 25 years of experience in software development. Prior to joining LPA, he served as the CTO for Zipline.biz, formerly NPCA, the leading provider of Merchant Branded ACH Decoupled Debit Cards and ACH mobile payment. Prior to that, Mr. Zuccarelli served as VP of Engineering for Innovative American Technology where he was responsible for the design/architecture, customization and implementation of the Radiation Threat Identification System (RTIS) which is part of the company’s chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) detection system.

Peter Guidi

Vice President Business Development

Peter Guidi was the Director of Alternative Payments for FIS, the largest provider of dedicated banking and payments technologies in the world. Prior to FIS, Mr. Guidi was the VP of Sales for Zipline.biz, formerly NPCA, where he drove sales across all of NPCA’s verticals. Prior to NPCA, Mr. Guidi worked at PayPal as a Senior Manager focusing on POS integrations for Tier-1 retail clients.

Bob Pearlman

Chief Investment Officer

Bob Pearlman has had a distinguished career as a CEO and Senior Manager of a number of enterprises: Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, American Friends of The Hebrew University and United Jewish Appeal.

Ira Friedman

Chief Marketing Officer

Ira Friedman has over 30 years of local and national media experience, Mr. Friedman has been directly involved in more than $1 billion of media transactions. He helped found, grow, lead and sell two private media companies over a 15-year period to two different large publicly traded media companies (Monster, Omnicom). Some of the client companies Mr. Friedman worked with during those periods included IBM, Verizon Wireless, Goodyear and BMW.

Bill Deichler

Director of Operations

Bill Deichler was the Director of Payroll Solutions for NACS where he launched and marketed a new NACS payroll program for the convenience store industry, both for the retailers and vendors/suppliers to the retailers. Prior to NACS, Mr. Deichler worked for Murphy Oil for 22 years, including 14 years where he worked in operations management including: retail fuel movements/business development/payment methods for a chain of retail locations in or near Walmart parking lots in 23 states.

Utilizing business methods of U.S. Patent numbers